The customer testimonial video solution that manages the production process for you

Journey Reel combines people and software to handle the entire production process for you—from scheduling interviews, to filming and editing

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Hundreds of amazing customers trust us

We wanted to tell our users’ success stories through video, but our team didn’t have the bandwidth to take on the project. Journey Reel professionally managed the whole process for us so we got the content we needed without all the effort usually involved. We use what they created for us in a lot of our outreach now.

Erez Cohen, CEO of Knock

JourneyReel made it so easy for our customers to give us great testimonials. They handled everything (including scheduling and interviewing!). JourneyReel even shipped a webcam to one of our customers who didn't have one and let them keep it! Most importantly, we could trust them to give our customers a great experience and help us highlight exactly how we've empowered our customers.

Eleanor Meegoda, CEO of JobStep

When we decided to make a video that tells Finmark's founding story we wanted a partner that would handle all of the logistics around filming and editing video remotely. Journey Reel did just that, and made it incredibly easy for us without blowing our budget.

Nicole Markisohn, Head of Marketing at Finmark

Journey Reel handles everything

From helping you create powerful stories to scheduling, filming and recording them, we’ve got you covered.

We take care of everything

You know customer success stories are something you should be collecting—but coordinating, scheduling, filming and editing is tedious and time consuming.

Journey Reel handles the whole process for you. From scheduling interviews to recording and editing. We’ve got you 100% covered, and we do it at a fraction of what it usually costs.

Video without breaking the bank

When you think video production, you probably think expensive and labor intensive. Not with Journey Reel. Our videos are priced as low as $1,750 each when you buy five or more.

This includes everything (from subtitles and animations to multiple video formats) so all you need to do is share your new videos.

Videos for any platform and any purpose - including blogs and case studies

We know you need to make the most of your content across multiple platforms. That’s why we deliver your produced videos in multiple formats, with subtitles, and with the raw footage.

For those who want to turn their videos into a blog post, we also offer an add-on service to turn our customer interviews into amazing blog posts and case studies.

Stories made for sharing

We believe that having powerful stories is only as valuable as the ability to share them with the world.

That’s why our video stories are delivered to you through Journey Reel’s platform, which makes it super easy to add them to your emails, blogs, social media, and landing pages.


Pricing as low as $1,750 per video

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Post-production editing
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